Short term Real Estate Loans specifically designed for Probate Attorneys.

Need short-term financing on a Real Estate Probate?

Oklahoma Estate Finance Services provides the cash you need to pay property taxes, utilities, upkeep and other expenses of the estate until you can sell the real estate.


Easy Application


Quick Approval Process


Fast Funding


No Payments During Probate

Attention Probate Attorneys

Do you have an Estate that has real property but no cash?

Oklahoma Estate Finance Services provides collateralized loans of all amounts, large or small.  We solve your probate cash flow problems with a quick and easy application process, speedy loan processing, and and direct funding to relieve your estate funding cash burdens.

Our services include a comprehensive consultation and report that includes a project plan with a timeline and cost analysis. Our loan packages include all title work and document preparation, recording, recording fees, and bank direct wire distribution to the estate’s checking account.

Transparent Pricing

No cost to you or the estate to begin the application process.

All Inclusive Loan + Fees

See the total loan fees and costs before any commitment.

Reliable Process

Manage and operate with confidence knowing that funds will be wired directly.

Easy Payoff & Release

Easy post-closing payoff of loan balance and title release upon sale of the asset.

How do I apply?

Get Organized

Collect the following documents in .pdf format

  • Order appointing Administrator
  • Order Allowing PR to incur Mortgage
  • Death Certificate
  • Estate’s EIFN
  • Estate Bank Wiring Instructions

Determine Loan Amount

Estimate the total amount that you need to pay property taxes, utilities, lawn care, upkeep, and home staging expenses, as well as any other anticipated expenses of the Estate until the estimated sale date.

Complete Online Application

Fill in our easy online application. We will send you a link so that you can securely upload any required documents.

Provide evidence of Insurance coverage on the Real Estate with Oklahoma Estate Finance Services, LLC as the primary “loss payee.” 

Review, Sign, & Get Funded

Review and sign the required documents. Loan fees will be deducted from the loan proceeds requested at the time of closing.

We will directly deposit the balance of the loan into the Estate’s bank account.