Short term Real Estate Loans specifically designed for Probate Attorneys.

David K. Strumpff

Owner David Stumpff

About Us

Founded in 2020 and privately Oklahoma-owned

Our vision is to be the best funding solution for Probate Attorneys who are seeking a long-term partner in Estate Financing loans, who find value in our services. We are a funding provider you can count on for reliable, safe, and quick estate funding.

Our daily mission is to capture the confidence and loyalty of Probate Attorneys as we simplify your estate funding needs by offering you quick, convenient and easy access to Estate Financing loans.

Oklahoma attorneys need a lending partner they can trust

We are your answer to your Estate’s Probate cash flow problems with swift, direct funding to relieve your estate’s probating cost burdens. Our specialized Estate Probate Loans are designed especially for Oklahoma attorneys.

We recognize the need for Estate Probate Funding

We collateralize Real Estate loans of small amounts targeted specifically for Estate Probates.

Large banks shy away from or will not even consider short-term estate loans, as they deem them to be a nuisance, too small for their highly regulated and expensive banking facility costs. These types of loans don’t offer a high enough return for their time to review, fund, audit, and overhead. We recognize the need for a trusted partner to provide this type of service, and are proud to serve Oklahoma attorneys.

David K. Strumpff

Owner David Stumpff

One-of-a-Kind Specialized Lending

Real Estate loans designed specifically for Estate Probates.

Customized for Probate Attorneys

We serve Probate Attorneys throughout the United States.

Ideal for Estates without Liquidity

Our short-term estate loans solve your Estate’s Probate cash flow problems.

Unique - Single Purposed & Easy

We recognize the need for a trusted partner for Probate Funding needs. 

Reliable, Safe, & Quick Funding

You can count on us. Our simple, one-page application form is available online.